King Racing Shocks tuned from AccuTune Offroad

King Bypass Shocks deliver the ultimate performance with external adjustablity, position sensitivity, and progressive damping curves.  Adjusting the external bypass tubes changes the amount of bleed or free oil flow the shock experiences in the direction chosen for the length of the bypass tube.  When close to fully open. the extra bleed causes the King Bypass shock to have a progressive damping curve which provides a very smooth smooth ride.  As the King piston exist the bypass tubes stiffness increases, adding bottoming control.  Pre-Tuned King Bypass Shocks from AccuTune Off-Road deliver the ultimate performance.

King 2.0 Bypass Shocks

King 2.5 Bypass Shocks

King 2.5 Bypass Shocks - Pure Race

King 3.0 Bypass Shocks

King 3.0 Bypass Shocks - Pure Race