King 2.0 Air Bumps

King Racing Shocks tuned from AccuTune Offroad

King Air Bump stops provide premium bottoming control through damping and air spring forces.  Both control methods can be tuned on King Air Bumps to provide the ultimate balance between control and harshness.  King 2.0 Air Bumps are a great choice for most vehicles and are available with 2″ or 4″ of travel.  King 2.5 Air Bumps are a great choice for racers and heavy vehicles.  2.5 King Air Bumps are available with 2.5″ or 4″ of travel.  Both 2.0 and 2.5 King Air Bumps are mounted with a threaded stud for elegance and simplicity.  Check out our Guide To Suspension Design For Going Fast in Comfort to learn more about King Air Bump selection and setup.  Take control of your bottoming with King Air Bumps from AccuTune Off-Road.