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Dealer Application

AccuTune Off-Road is the premier retailer of suspension in the off-road industry by delivering suspension that works as good as it looks. We make trucks, SUV’s and off-road vehicles ride better by tuning each shock in house to meet the customer’s specific needs. Our products provide the best on-road ride and off-road performance. As a dealer of ours we will help make sure your customers are completely satisfied with how their new suspension rides and performs. In addition we help take the guesswork and rework out of suspension setup and installation by customizing the kits to match your customers needs. Selling high end suspension has never been easier.

*Please note: we are not currently accepting dealer applications from businesses that are focused on drop shipping product.

International dealers, please provide shipping details below.
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*Only for those outside of California

Once you have been approved as a dealer for AccuTune Offroad we will send you additional information about our product, tuning guidelines and technical information. We will do our best to help educate you about the shocks we sell and the tuning we offer.