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Product Features

AccuTune Off-Road Advantage

At AccuTune Off-Road we custom tune every shock to fit your 4Runner's modifications, your terrain, and your preferences to give you the best on-road and off-road ride possible. There are three steps which set AccuTune aparts: phone consultation to understand your truck and use, AccuTune Equations using the latest tuning techniques to provide a completely custom shock, and finally in house re-valve to ensure quality and fast delivery. Go with AccuTune and feel the difference.

Compression Adjusters

Compression adjusters are useful when changing weight (light DD, heavy weekend warrior), changing terrain (tight handling on-road, soft off-road), and for ultimate control over your ride quality (handling vs harshness). Low speed compression damping adjustment controls handling vs harshness on washboard and gravel roads. High speed compression controls damping on speed bumps, pot holes, and whoops. Fox 2.0's are available with Low Speed Compression (LSC) adjustment. Fox 2.5's are available with separate high and low speed compression adjustments (DSC). King 2.5's are available with a mid speed compression adjuster.

Fox 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers

The front of 4Runner's use A-Arms with a large motion ratio so large shocks are required to provide off-road capability. Fox 2.5 coilovers provide the diameter necessary to make the damping force required to prevent your 4Runner from being too bouncy. The extended travel allows for lift heights up to 2.5" without the suspension over extending. For real off-road performance look no further than Fox 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers for your 4Runner. ;

AccuTune Offroad Upper Control Arms

After market upper control arms are needed when lifting your 4Runner over 2” or when using extended travel coilovers. AccuTune Offroad Upper Control Arm is designed to fit larger tires and longer shocks, while maintaining proper alignment. Tubular steel design looks great with high quality powder coat finish. FK Rod ends are sealed to keep dirt and debris from premature wear and noise. Heim joints come pre-set and ready to install.

Fox 2.5 Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks

Toyota 4Runner's carrying heavy loads or seeing serious off-road use should use a large diameter 2.5 shock for greater durability and tunability. These particular shocks are longer travel Fox Tundra rear shocks which we configure to fit the rear of your 4Runner. When combined with our custom tuning this is as good as it gets for bolt in performance.

Icon Rear Coil Spring

These 2" Lift Coil-springs improve your on and offroad ride quality. The slightly higher spring helps with load bearing capacity while increasing ride height to clear larger tires.

KDSS Drop Bracket

For KDSS equipped vehicles, we include Black Gate Customs sway bar drop bracket. This helps prevent the sway bar from contacting the track bar at full droop with the longer travel rear shocks included in this kit.

AccuTune Offroad Bump Stops

AccuTune Offroad designed this bump stop to work along with our custom tuned Fox or King shocks. Foam construction is soft and allows for precise bottom out control.

Bump Stop Spacers

Different length spacers are available depending on which length shocks you have. Correct length bump stop spacers allow for the most suspension travel without damaging the shock at full bump.


Product Front Coilovers: FOX-883-06-130
Product Front Upper Control Arms: AOR-2000-0026
Product Rear Shocks: FOX-883-26-006-4RNR
Rear Brake Lines: +2" Crown Performance Steel Brake Line Kit
KDSS Models: KDSS Drop Brackets Included
Rear Bump Stop: AccuTune Offroad 2" AOR-2000-0028-200
  • Product Front Coilovers: FOX-883-06-130
  • Product Front Upper Control Arms: AOR-2000-0026
  • Product Rear Shocks: FOX-883-26-006-4RNR
  • Rear Brake Lines: +2" Crown Performance Steel Brake Line Kit
  • KDSS Models: KDSS Drop Brackets Included
  • Rear Bump Stop: AccuTune Offroad 2" AOR-2000-0028-200


2 reviews for 03+ 4Runner and 10+ FJ Cruiser Mid Travel Suspension Kit, Stage 4A – Fox

  1. Laurens

    Installed a variation of this kit onto my 2006 v6 Toyota Prado 120 series. This car is very similar to the 4th gen 4runner. This was the best upgrade I have ever done and has reinvented my car to have the best ride quality I could imagine.

    I shared with Ryan from Accutune the actual weight front and back of my car, the future upgrade plans and intended use. With that, he proposed a set which included the adapted rear FOX2.5 DSC Tundra version made suitable for the Prado. This gives me extra down travel and works great to maintain traction in challenging terrain. He proposed a custom valving. Whilst I am still on a learning curve on offroad upgrades, he gave me the confidence to trust what he was doing. I am living abroad and have many extra options fitted to my car, so getting it right once was key to my upgrade plan. Communication with Accutune to advice what I needed and how to install the whole kit was great. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to all with the budget.

    The result of the upgrade is AWESOME! Best ride quality imaginable, particularly offroad at speed. I am driving at high speeds on tough roads with great confidence and high comfort knowing that my suspension can handle all I throw at it and with great comfort. On road ride quality is also very, very good. Much better than imagined. The amount of adjustability of the DSC reservoires is perfect. They are used to change comfort level, driving style (my wife prefers lower settings than I do), driving conditions, or loaded weight. Even one click of difference is noticeable.

    The installation wasn’t without challenges, but all worked well. Had to add extended rear brake lines, and extended rear sway bar end link which I made myself. Wheel spacers where needed to avoid rubbing of my oversized wheels to the remote reservoirs. I had to consult Accutune twice on the installation. Installing the ICON UCA’s and getting the DSC’s in place needed some ‘man handling’. The DSC tube at the front needed some careful bending to improve the clearance on the UCA. Nothing that should deter anybody with access to a good mechanic. Accutune’s aftermarket service is much better than Fox’s so buying this with them is another advantage.

    My car now has the best driving quality off road of any car I know. On road driving quality had improved beyond all expectations as an added bonus. Upgrading my suspension was such a better choice than buying a new car/newer model. My car now puts a huge smile on my face whenever I encounter some challenging terrain.

  2. Russ

    I’ve been shopping around a lot of different websites for a good GX470 lift kit package and stumbled upon AccuTune with their Fox stage 4 kit. I reached out via email to let them know my plans for the vehicle (bumpers/winch/drawer system) and the recommended the a setup that would fit my needs. I worked with Justin from their sales team the whole way through, he was super knowledgeable and gave a lot of insight in to what goes in to suspension components.

    He put together a kit with the correct spring rates for my setup. From ordering to shipping it was less than a week. Spoke over the phone before ordering to answer all my questions. It’s so refreshing when sales actually know technical/functional knowledge about their product.

    Have yet to hit the trails but so far loving it. Excited to test their custom tune!

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