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Shock Tuning Options

Tuning Options

Adventure Tune - For smooth on-road and off-road use. NO TOWING/Heavy Loads without adjusters on the shocks. This is our most popular tune for those wanting a smooth ride for mainly street, with some off-road.

Dual Sport Tune - For vehicles with taller lifts or carrying heavy loads without adjusters. Moderate off-road use.

Trail Tune - For vehicles wanting to drive faster off-road or needing better handling. Great for a more dedicated off-road vehicle.

Tuning Options from AccuTune Offroad are based on several factors including the vehicles weight and terrain preference. Tuning stages start at Street Tune and go up to Trail Tune. Each step up in stage will stiffen the valving resulting in better handling, better off-road capability, and better bottoming control at the expense of comfort, especially on the street. Bigger tires and lower air pressures can compensate for the stiffer valving.

Rear Spring Options

Eibach 1” Most popular choice, works great for stock weight or with up to 250 additional pounds of accessories.
Icon 2” Good option for vehicles looking for more height, with at least 250lb of weight in the back.
Icon 3” Overland Ideal for the ultimate overland vehicle with a tremendous amount of weight in back. This includes large tire carrier, bumper, fuel cans, fridge, tent top etc.

For a 2.5" lifted front and level ride:
1" spring with up to 200 lb
2" spring with 400 lb
3" spring with 650 lb

For a 2.5" lifted front slight rear rake:
2" spring with 200 lb
3" spring with 400 lb

**3" spring not recommended with less than 400 lb of constant weight in the back.
**Approximations, every vehicle is different


1 review for 2010+ 4Runner with KDSS Mid Travel Suspension Kit, Stage 3A – Fox

  1. David Sousa

    Installed this on my wife’s 2019 4runner TRD ORP, with the kdss sway bars. First off let Me start by saying Ryan and Andrew are the business! Talking to Ryan on the phone and dealing with Andrew through emails I knew right away this is NOT a fly by night shop! They took the time and answered all my questions!!! They know what they are talking about, there craftsmanship proves it and are very professional. I got the Fox 3A kit with the dsc (a very nice feature to have) and The 4runner floats over washboard gravel roads and eats up the crappy roads we have up here in Nor Cal!! I could not have been more happy!! I loved dealing with them so much i ordered a custom set of front fox 2.5 with dsc for the front of my 2002 f250 7.3l and all I can say is WOW!! Truly made my truck handle 200% better, and no my front shocks that where on previously where not worn! Accutune has made me 100% lifetime customer! Thank you guys

    • Web Admin

      Thanks David! Much appreciated!! Happy to hear everything is working out for you.

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