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Product Features

Suspension Engineering Experience

The AccuTune Off-Road Jeep JK Coilover Kit was developed using our 15 years of suspension engineering and shock tuning experience to deliver the ultimate performance. The basic fundamentals of suspension setup are Center of Gravity Height, Suspension Geometry, and Shock Setup. Each of these three items multiply by each other, when they're all perfect the performance is unbelievable, but having a problem with any one of them can ruin the whole experience. Our kit was designed to deliver the best comfort & performance possible: 4" lift height keeps the CG low and improves suspension geometry by reducing angles, our shock setup gives you 5" of up travel and is optimized around the JK chassis. The result is a kit that delivers more comfort, more control (no bucking or bouncing), and greater off-road performance than others.

Low Lift Height

This kit will support lift heights from 2.5" to 6" while retaining 5" of up travel. With some trimming our JK clears huge 40" BFG KR3 Tires while running a 4" lift in the front and 5" of up travel. By keeping the height low we are able to improve the stability and to improve the JK suspension geometry by reducing link angles.

Amazing Performance With 5 Inches of Up Travel

The AccuTune Off-Road Jeep JK Coilover kit was designed with performance in mind! Our kit will cycle a true 5 of up travel on a 4 lift. The increased up travel over other kits means a smoother ride and less bottoming out.

Weld On Strength

Coilovers add a lot more force to shock brackets because they now have to support the spring forces and damping forces. The brackets in our JK Coilover Kit are made from 3/16" laser cut and cnc bent steel so they can handle whatever you throw at them. In addition to being extremely strong these brackets are designed for a precise fitment making the install extremely simple.

Clean Looks

Our front Jeep JK Coilover Kit was designed to show off your beautiful new shocks. We went for a very clean look by removing all the factory brackets and focusing your attention on the shocks, reservoirs and adjusters.

Custom Tuned Shocks

At AccuTune Off-Road we tune every shock for your EXACT vehicle, your terrain, and your preferences. Each shock is run through our AccuTune Equations and equipped with AccuTune Double Flutter Stacks as necessary. The result is a JK Coilover Kit that delivers the ride you want.


Jeep JK Lift Height Recommendations:
4″ front lift with 5″ of up travel is most common
12″ travel coilovers
37″ tires with tube fenders
40″ tires with high clearance plastic fenders
Requires 3″ bump stop spacers in front, rear depends on how much body you want to trim.
Recommend raised track bar and flipped steering

2.5″ front lift with 5″ of up travel is also common
10″ travel coilovers
35″ tires with tube fenders
Stock track bar and steering locations

Jeep JK Coilover Kit Details:
This kit was designed to fit Jeep JK’s running 2.0 x 12 or 2.5 x 12 travel King or Fox coilovers with 4-5 of lift while delivering 5 of up travel. The AccuTune JK runs this kit with Fox 2.5 x 12 IBP Coilovers, 2.5 bump stop spacers, and a 4 lift height by using the bent lower spring perches. 2.0 coilovers are about 1.5 shorter than 2.5 coilovers with short rod end, and are meant to use the straight lower spring perch. We included the two lower shock mounts to give you a lot of flexibility in lift height.

Yes, You Can Run 14’s, But It’s Not Easy: This kit will allow your Jeep JK to run 2.0 x 14 travel Fox or King coilovers with 5 of up travel on 4.5 of lift and 3 bump stop spacers. This setup provides substantially more droop than lift kits and bolt on aftermarket parts can support. Recommended only for experts using aftermarket axles and custom suspension geometry. May require heavy exhaust and skid plate modifications.   What’s Required: Longer brake lines suitable for your lift height & wheel travel Sway Bar links suitable for your lift height & wheel travel Wheels with 4 backspacing minimum Aftermarket driveshaft Lift kit components for desired lift height (control arms, steering, etc)   Installation Notes: Requires cutting, grinding and welding.