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Adjustable Height Air Bumps

The Front JK Air Bump Mount Kit was designed to use height adjustable JK Air Bumps from Fox and King. Both of these air bumps are threaded so you can dial in the exact right amount of bump stop spacer to keep your tires out of the fenders. Height adjustable mounts are on the of the ways this kit helps to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your JK.

Weld On Strength

By welding on the front Air Bumps they are extremely strong to withstand heavy hits and years of abuse. As an added benefit these are laser cut and bent to fit the stock frame rail and key into place on the frame so they're quick to install.

Fox IFP Air Bumps

Fox IFP Air Bumps have many design upgrades that make them the best in the industry. The Fox JK Air Bumps are threaded and height adjustable. In addition to being threaded, the body is hard anodized aluminum so it won't rust. Inside they have a negative spring that smooths out the contact force. And the IFP design means the piston always stays in the oil. Finally these air bumps work more off of valving and less off of gas pressure, meaning they don't prevent you from flexing, but they do prevent you from bottoming out on hard hits.

King JK Air Bumps

King JK Air Bumps have a threaded body so you can keep the ride height low and the tires out of your fenders. Externally they are CAD plated steel for rust resistance. Internally King JK Air Bumps work with damping and gas pressure generated by the piston rod to prevent hard bottoming.



Upper Air Bump Tube (Left & Right – Tube & Plate already welded together) Air Bump Gusset (Welds on the bottom of the bent plate) Lower 3/16″ Bump Pad Reinforcement Plates (Welds on top of the lower OEM spring perch)

  • Installation Notes: Requires Cutting, Welding & Grinding



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