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AccuTune Off-Road Advantage

At AccuTune Off-Road we custom tune every shock to fit your 4Runner's modifications, your terrain, and your preferences to give you the best on-road and off-road ride possible. There are three steps which set AccuTune aparts: phone consulation to understand your truck and use, AccuTune Equations using the latest tuning techniques to provide a completely custom shock, and finally in house re-valve to ensure quality and fast delivery. Go with AccuTune and feel the difference.

Compression Adjusters

Compression adjusters are useful when changing weight (light DD, heavy weekend warrior), changing terrain (tight handling on-road, soft off-road), and for ultimate control over your ride quality (handling vs harshness). Low speed compression damping adjustment controls handling vs harshness on washboard and gravel roads. High speed compression controls damping on speed bumps, pot holes, and whoops. Fox 2.0's are available with Low Speed Compression (LSC) adjustment. Fox 2.5's are available with separate high and low speed compression adjustments (DSC). King 2.5's are available with a mid speed compression adjuster. <a href="https://accutuneoffroad.com/articles/how-fox-dsc-dual-speed-compression-adjusters-work/">Click Here To Learn More About Fox DSC Adjusters</a> <a href="https://accutuneoffroad.com/articles/how-king-compression-adjusters-work/">Click Here To Learn More About King Compression Adjusters</a>

King 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers

The front of 4Runner's use A-Arms with a large motion ratio so large shocks are required to provide off-road capability. King 2.5 coilovers provide the diameter necessary to make the damping force required to prevent your 4Runner from being too bouncy. The remote reservoirs decrease the operating pressure for a smoother ride and longer life span. The extended travel allows for lift heights up to 2.5 without the suspension over extending. For real off-road performance look no further than King 2.5 Extended Travel Coilovers for your 4Runner. <a href="https://accutuneoffroad.com/articles/size-tacoma-4runner-shocks-need/">Click Here To Learn More About Shock Size Selection</a>

Icon Delta Joint Upper Control Arms

Extended travel upper control arms (UCA's) are necessary for lift heights over 1, especially when used off-road. We recommend the Icon Delta Joint UCA's because they are sealed and externally greasable meaning they'll have a long, squeak free life. Billet tubular control arms use greasable bushings on the frame side for a compliant ride. Give us a call if you'd like to order this kit with billet arms.

King 2.5 Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks

Toyota 4Runner's carying heavy loads or seeing serious off-road use should use a large diameter 2.5 shock for greater durability and tunability. These particular shocks are longer travel King rear shocks which we configure to fit the rear of your 4Runner. We know all the best valving tricks to make these perform well on the back of your 4Runner.

Eibach Rear Springs

Eibach rear springs provide up to a 1 lift to the rear of your 10+ Toyota 4Runner.

Icon Rear Coil Spring

These 2 Lift Coil-springs improve your on and offroad ride quality. The slightly higher spring helps with load bearing capacity while increasing ride height to clear larger tires.

Icon Overland Rear Coil Spring

The ICON Vehicle Dynamics Toyota FJ Cruiser / 4Runner Overland Series Rear Coil Spring Kit was developed for the expedition-style offroader who is loading down their vehicle with bumpers, winches, rooftop tents, and more. ICON engineers developed this multi-rate coil spring to provide compliant handling and the exceptional on and offroad ride quality you would expect from an ICON product. This coil spring kit will deliver 3 of lift in an unloaded vehicle, and 2 of lift when loaded down with a typical list of overland equipment.


  • Product Front Coilovers: KRS-25001-243A-EXT
  • Product Front Upper Control Arms: ICON-58451DJ
  • Product Rear Shocks: KRS-25001-279A
  • Product Front Shock Mounts: OEM
  • Product Rear Shock Mounts: OEM



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