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Archive Garage Shock Relocation From AccuTune Off-Road

At AccuTune Off-Road we can help you select the right products for your vehicle so you can get the best performance for your money. These Tacoma Shock Relocation Brackets are well matched with our custom tuned shocks for the ultimate ride quality.

Easily Fit 2.0 x 12" Shocks Outside The Frame

Fit 2.0 x 12" travel shocks on the rear of your Tacoma with this kit. Long travel applications with light rate spring packs greatly benefit from the additional travel. By keeping the shocks outside the frame you will have better roll resistance and don't have to cut up the bed.

Easily Paired With Custom Tuned Shocks

To get the most out of the added travel we recommend pairing this kit with custom tuned shocks. At AccuTune Off-Road we will tune the shock for your exact setup including springs, weight, and terrain. From rocky trails to the sands of Baja AccuTune Off-Road delivers the ride you're looking for.



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