Check Collapsed Length

Off-Road coilovers are not meant to be used as bump stops because the wiper seal is usually exposed externally.  Follow these steps to make sure your shocks don’t become the bump stops.

  • Collapse your suspension until it hits the bump stop
  • If you have rubber bump stops measure how far they can collapsed until they’re metal to metal
  • Measure eye to eye length on the shock mount
  • Subtract the metal to metal distance from the eye to eye shock mount distance, this is your maximum collapsed length

Check Extended Length

Shocks need to have enough travel for a reasonable amount of down travel but without allowing drivetrain, steering or other components to bind.

  • Droop suspension while checking for bind on the drive shaft, cv joints, steering, or any other part
  • Test articulation and steering to be sure nothing hits or binds in every kind of motion
  • Measure eye to eye length again, this is the minimum extended length
  • Select shocks that are at least 1″ longer than extended length to allow for limit straps to set full extension
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  1. anwat
    anwat says:

    So you mentioned rubber bumpstops. If I’ve got hydraulic bumpstops, do I measure until first contact with the stop or until 2″ further, when they are fully compressed?


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