How to Choose Jeep JK Shock Lengths

Choosing The Right Length Jeep Wrangler JK Shocks

While tuning our Go Fast Fox Jeep JK shocks we realized that many people are selecting the wrong length shocks and leaving significant travel unused.  It is common to choose Fox JK shocks by looking at lift height.  While lift height is a great starting place, it commonly results in people choosing shocks that are too short.  In order to maximize wheel travel you want to run the longest Fox JK shock possible without it becoming the bump stop.  This means that shock collapsed length is the best way to look at which Fox shocks will fit your JK.  Maximum shock collapsed length is determined by the length of the bump stop spacers you’re running.


The best way to measure for Fox shocks is to install the shortest bump stop spacers that prevent the tires from rubbing on the fenders and prevent the steering & drag link from hitting the oil pan.  At ride height measure from the top of the bump stop spacer to the metal bump stop mount.  Next measure from the bottom of the upper shock mount to the center of the lower shock mount.  For front JK shocks subtract 0.70″ from the shock length for the stem bushings.  The difference between the measurements is the minimum collapsed length of your shocks.  Select shocks with shorter collapsed lengths than your measurements.

For those who don’t want to take measurements we have assembled a shortcut guide below (select Fox shocks which have a bump stop spacer height less than your bump stop spacers). Double check that 40 to 60% of the shock travel is up travel. By using our method you will end up with the most travel possible for the best offroad performance.


SKULift HeightSideShockExtended LengthCollapsed LengthTravelOEM FRONTMin Spacer HeightMakeModelYear
FOX-985-26-0151.5-3.5"FrontFox 2.0 Performance Series, Remote Reservoir, CD Adjustable24.815.29.614.350.9JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-985-26-0161.5-3.5"RearFox 2.0 Performance Series, Remote Reservoir, CD Adjustable24.4514.859.614.550.3JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-985-24-0151.5-3.5"FrontFox 2.0 Performance Series, Remote Reservoir24.815.29.614.350.9JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-985-24-0161.5-3.5"RearFox 2.0 Performance Series, Remote Reservoir24.4514.859.614.550.3JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-985-26-0114-6"FrontFox 2.0 Performance Series, Remote Reservoir, CD Adjustable28.316.711.614.352.4JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-985-26-0124-6"RearFox 2.0 Performance Series, Remote Reservoir, CD Adjustable28.4516.8511.614.552.3JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-985-24-0114-6"FrontFox 2.0 Performance Series, Remote Reservoir28.316.711.614.352.4JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-985-24-0124-6"RearFox 2.0 Performance Series, Remote Reservoir28.4516.8511.614.552.3JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
KRS-25001-1800-2"FrontKing Shocks JK 07+ Front 2.5 Dia. Piggy Hose Reservoir For 0-2.0_ Lifts25.90215.83110.07114.351.48JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
KRS-25001-1810-2"RearKing Shocks JK 07+ Rear 2.5 Dia. Piggy Hose Reservoir For 0-2.0_ Lifts26.2816.18810.09214.551.64JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-06-0682.5-4.0"FrontFox 2.5 Factory Series, Internal Bypass, Reservoir, DSC Adjustable25.9715.6110.3614.351.3JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-06-0692.5-4"RearFox 2.5 Factory Series, Internal Bypass, Reservoir, DSC Adjustable27.8617.1210.7414.552.6JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-02-0682.5-4.0"FrontFox 2.5 Factory Series, Internal Bypass, Reservoir25.9715.6110.3614.351.3JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-02-0692.5-4"RearFox 2.5 Factory Series, Internal Bypass, Reservoir27.8617.1210.7414.552.6JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-26-0152.5-4.0"FrontFox 2.5 Factory Series, Reservoir, DSC Adjustable26.0515.9310.1214.351.6JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-26-0162.5-4.0"RearFox 2.5 Factory Series, Reservoir, DSC Adjustable28.0417.210.8414.552.7JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-24-0152.5-4.0"FrontFox 2.5 Factory Series, Reservoir26.0515.9310.1214.351.6JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-24-0162.5-4.0"RearFox 2.5 Factory Series, Reservoir28.0417.210.8414.552.7JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
KRS-25001-2233-5"FrontKing Shocks JK 07+ Front 2.5 Dia. Piggy Hose Reservoir For 3-5_ Lifts27.2716.89310.37714.352.54JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
KRS-25001-2243-5"RearKing Shocks JK 07+ Rear 2.5 Dia. Piggy Hose Reservoir For 3-5_ Lifts28.1417.26310.87714.552.71JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
KRS-25001-2856"RearKing Shocks JK 07+ Rear 2.5 Dia. Piggy Hose Reservoir For 6_ Lifts32.2819.56312.71714.555.01JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
KRS-25001-2846"FrontKing Shocks JK 07+ Front 2.5 Dia. Piggy Hose Reservoir For 6_ Lifts31.04318.6512.39314.354.30JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-26-0174-6"FrontFox 2.5 Factory Series, Reservoir, DSC Adjustable28.8517.3311.5214.353JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-26-0184-6"RearFox 2.5 Factory Series, Reservoir, DSC Adjustable29.2417.811.4414.553.3JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-24-0174-6"FrontFox 2.5 Factory Series, Reservoir28.8517.3311.5214.353JeepWrangler JK2007-2016
FOX-883-24-0184-6"RearFox 2.5 Factory Series, Reservoir29.2417.811.4414.553.3JeepWrangler JK2007-2016


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6 replies
  1. David Ziegelheim
    David Ziegelheim says:

    Nice article. Question: Synergy and MetalCloak make brackets to raise the shock mount on the rear axle. around 3″. Wouldn’t that create an impossibly short compressed height?

    Question: can shock extenders be used to increase the compressed length to make the shock a better fit? Or does it weaken the system too much?

    • Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Yes, raising the lower mounting position of a shock would limit your up travel/shaft showing at ride height. I believe those brackets are designed to work with their upper shock relocation mount as well. More or less designed to move shock up higher on axle and frame for more clearance.

      Not sure what you mean by “Shock Extenders”, but it’s always a good idea to use the correct length shock for the application.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    I currently have Metalcloak springs. I’ve always stuck with Metalcloak’s Rocksport shocks because they’re valved properly for the springs. Is that just marketing? Could I get higher performing springs from Accutune that work better with my coils?

    • Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Higher performing shocks for the coils? Yes. We will help you choose the best shock for your needs, and custom valve them accordingly. We take into consideration the lift height, vehicles weight and how the vehicle will be driven mostly.

  3. Stephen tan
    Stephen tan says:

    Hi i have jeep jk 2018 with 40 inch tire, and teraflex 6 inch lift kits.. and fox shocks 2.0 with reservoirs dsc.. but i had a very bad ride to much bumpy.. i was wandering if you’re company can help me with my problem… i want a soft ride while off roading.. like baja racing hehehe… at the same time i can load it with camping gear once or twice a year with my 3 kids and wife… i dont mind cost as long i get what i want..

    • Web Admin
      Web Admin says:

      Hey Stephen, we can certainly help. Please give our sales team a call to discuss options moving forward.424-377-0808


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