AccuTune Off-Road Shock Tuning Options

AccuTune Offroad will custom tune shocks for your vehicles weight, terrain and driving style. Below are tuning options we offer for street driven vehicles. Please choose the “tune” which matches your terrain and driving style most. After you have selected a tune, we will customize it from there to compensate for any additional weight you have added to the vehicle.

Please Note:
We offer many more valving options for dedicated off-road vehicles using universal fit shocks. All of our tunes are customized for the weight of your vehicle, mounting style (aka motion ratio), terrain, and preferences. 

IFP Shocks and Coilovers
We do not offer tuning or rebuilds for these shocks.

Adventure Tune – If you daily drive your vehicle, this is the tune for you. This tune will soak up everything on-road and off-road. Perfect for blasting fire roads in comfort or hitting those nasty potholes on your commute. It is soft and compliant on small bumps and our flutter stack valving progressively stiffens up on the bigger bumps to prevent bottoming out. This tune is ideal for those who plan on putting a lot of miles on their vehicle. 

Dual Sport Tune – This tune is not ideal for daily drivers. This valving provides a lot more off-road capability and more on-road stability (compared to the Adventure Tune) at the expense of comfort. Not recommended for IFS vehicle applications that are also used as a daily driver. The additional stiffness on small and large bumps makes it great for hitting rain ruts, bigger g-outs and whoops without bottoming out hard. Larger tires (37”+) can help smooth out the on-road ride, which is noticeably stiffer than the Adventure Tune, but still acceptable for enthusiasts. The Dual Sport Tune is Ideal for vehicles with taller lifts, bigger tires and still get driven to the trail.

Trail Tune – This tune is all about off-road performance. The valving is designed to take big hits, and run large whoops without bottoming out easily. This is a great tune for a highly modified vehicle looking to go fast through whoops, g-outs or bumping up big ledges and rock crawling (low psi). We would recommend the Trail Tune for someone with a dedicated off-road vehicle that is ok with a rougher ride on the street.

AccuTune Off-Road Shock Tech