*Which shock fitting can you adjust safely?

There are two types of fittings used on Fox and King shocks, JIC and o-ring style fitting.

The JIC Fitting has a nut that spins on a tube and relies on a tapered interference on the inside to seal fluid. (see images below) The shock should be depressurized when adjusting the JIC fitting. However for slight adjustments you can loosen the fitting while rotating the fitting. Rotate it quickly under tension, and retighten asap.

O-Ring Fittings have an o-ring that seals out fluid when tightened down completely. The o-ring should continue to seal if loosened up one turn. These fittings can be adjusted while the shocks are fully pressurized. (see images below)

Please note:
-OEM fit shocks typically have their fittings and hoses routed a specific way. Be sure you’re mounting the reservoir in the correct place before making adjustments.
-Reservoirs can be mounted in just about any orientation.
-Be sure Remote Reservoirs do not contact anything under full articulation. For universal fit applications, its best to cycle the suspension with tires on to check for clearance.

What if shock oil leaks out? A small amount of oil is not going to be a huge issue. If you have more than a teaspoon of oil leak out of the shock, you should have more oil added before driving on.
Where can I go charge my shocks? Off-Road shocks can be charged with Nitrogen at a welding shop, fab shop or sometimes a mechanics shop. Obviously if you’re local to us, we can help as well.
What Nitrogen pressure do I need in my shocks? FOX= 200psi  |  KING= 150psi

*AccuTune is not responsible for anyone adjusting their shocks incorrectly, or causing damage. If you are not sure how to make these adjustments, it’s best to have a professional complete the work. 

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