• What is an alignment?
  • Why you need an alignment
  • What is Camber, Caster & Toe?


  • How adjustments are made for an alignment
  • Cam Tab Adjusters


  • Why is a UCA needed when lifting your Tacoma?
  • How much lift before UCA is needed?


  • Ideal alignment setup for a lifted Tacoma

Why do you need an aftermarket upper control arm when lifting a Tacoma or 4Runner?
When lifting a vehicle the angles on the upper and lower control arms change. The change in angles causes the alignment to change. In the case of Tacoma’s & 4Runners lifting them causes a decrease in caster and an increase in positive camber. The primary purpose of aftermarket upper control arms is to fix these angles.

Aftermarket upper control arms are also able to control the tire clearance to the firewall and cab mount. High caster control arms work to move the upper control arm pivot point back in order to increase caster, this often reduces firewall clearance. Some upper control arms are designed to utilize the lower cam adjusters to move the tire forward in the fender.

Clearance between the UCA and coilover can be a problem on some vehicles and aftermarket upper control arms are designed to improve the clearance.

How tall can I lift my Tacoma or 4Runner before needing an aftermarket Upper Control Arm?

In general, you may not need aftermarket upper control arms if you keep the lift height under 2 inches on most Tacomas (as compared to base models). Above that height you may get away without aftermarket UCA’s, but the alignment will likely be at the very limits of the specs,  which will affect driveability and tire wear.