Shock Oil Flow Through Piston

December 28, 2021

Shock absorbers come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part, they function the same way. See graphics below on what’s happening inside a shock during the compression and rebound cycles.

The main piston is designed to flow oil through compression and rebound ports. This oil flow is controlled by the valve disks you can see being stacked in a pyramid shape on both sides of the piston. Depending on the size of valve disks being used, oil will pass through the piston faster or slower. Piston design and shock valving will dramatically affect the way a vehicle rides. If the shock is not tuned properly, it could be too stiff or too soft, resulting in poor ride quality.

Since most off-roaders are building bigger and better vehicles, it’s even more important their shocks be custom tuned to accommodate additional weight and the type of off-roading they prefer driving on. This is why AccuTune Off-Road specializes in custom tuned Fox and King shocks. New valving is calculated based on the customers feedback, AccuTune Equations and years of experience. AccuTune valving will greatly improve ride quality and allow you to enjoy your off-road vehicle even more!