Fox Shocks has a new line of OEM fit shocks called Performance Elite Series. These shocks are high quality and designed for long lasting off-road performance. Combined with AccuTune valving, these new shocks are the next best thing to hit the market for off-road enthusiasts. Fox Performance Elite Series shocks are slowly replacing Fox Factory Race Series shocks for OEM applications. Factory Race Series shocks are getting relaunched as a new high end product line that includes things like 3.0 Internal Bypass Shocks. Fox is continuing to roll out Performance Elite Series shocks, however the timeline and future vehicle applications are currently unknown. For now, shock options may be limited depending on the vehicle application. As always, we will do our best to keep our website up to date with all available options from Fox.

Branding Change Part I | As you can see in the picture above, the most obvious difference between Factory Race Series and Performance Elite Series is the color change. Although the new PES shocks will come with the orange Fox branding, don’t assume every Fox Shock you see with orange stickers are a PES shock.

Branding Change Part II | Fox has orange branding on both Factory Race Series and Performance Elite Series shocks. On the left, we have Fox Factory Race Series shocks for a universal fit application. This will be found on a custom vehicle setup and is not a bolt-in option for a Truck/SUV factory shock mounts. On the right, we have Performance Elite Series shocks that are OEM fit and will bolt right in. The orange decals on the shocks will also be labeled with Performance Elite Series or Factory Race Series. All Performance Elite Series shocks are currently for Truck/SUV applications and not something you will normally see on a custom application.

Shock Body | One of the biggest differences between a Performance Elite Series (PES) and a Factory Race Series (FRS) shock is the type of metal used to construct the shock body. PES shocks have a one-piece aluminum 6061-T6 hard anodized body while the FRS shocks have a zinc plated steel body and thread in aluminum top cap. Both shock bodies are strong and durable for extreme off-road use. The aluminum one piece bodies resist corrosion a lot better than their steel counterparts, and they are also better at dissipating heat when you are blasting fire roads.

Shock body part II | The Performance Elite Series shock body is machined out of one piece of aluminum. Even the top shock mount is part of the main shock body. The Factory Race Series shocks have a steel body that has the aluminum top cap/upper shock mount threaded into the shock body. The FRS shock can have the top cap serviced or replaced, while the PES shock would need the entire body replaced.

DSC Adjusters|  Same thing, just different color combination. DSC Adjusters currently come standard on all Performance Elite Series shocks, while it is an upgrade option for most Factory Race Series. More info about DSC Adjusters can be found here

Performance Elite Series Reservoir Mounts | Fox has also upgraded their reservoir mounting kits. All Performance Elite Series shocks will now come with billet aluminum clamps instead of the industry standard hose clamps.

Factory Race Series Reservoir Mounts | Factory Race Series shocks have been using hose clamps to secure the remote reservoir for a long time. Simple and effective.

Pistons | Depending on the vehicle application, a different style piston may be used in a Performance Elite Series Shock than is used in the equivalent Factory Series shock. We will take this into consideration for tuning purposes and make sure it’s the best fit.

Seal Head | Factory Race Series shocks use a two piece rod guide with the wiper installed in the bump cap and the rest of the seals in the rod guide; the bump cap is retained with a set screw. The Performance Elite Series shocks have a slightly different rod guide and bump cap design. All the seals are in the rod guide and the bump cap is retained using loctite, which can make servicing them a bit more difficult.

PES Seals | Fox Performance Elite shocks uses a u-cup as the main rod seal. U-cups are much more sophisticated seals and should yield better durability. Both shocks use an h-wiper as a back up seal while using a standard urethane wiper to keep the bulk of the dirt out.

FRS Seals | Fox Factory Series shocks use an o-ring as the main rod seal. This is a very simple seal and has served Fox well.

Photo Above | Opening up a Performance Elite Series shock for a AccuTune revalve.

Photo Above | Opening up a Factory Race Series shock for a AccuTune revalve.

So which is better, Performance Elite Series or Factory Race Series? Fox Factory Series shocks are the time tested shock that we know delivers excellent tunability, performance and durability. Fox Performance Elite Series shocks are the latest iteration with a newer sealing package, different pistons, and aluminum bodies. Whether you are looking for old faithful or the latest technology Fox shocks will deliver.

Customer #1, Performance Elite Series Shocks
These shocks are ideal for someone who lives in an area with harsh environments like snow/salty roads or near the ocean. These areas can wreak havoc on steel parts found on shocks, steel bumpers and accessories. Although the aluminum shock bodies will resist corrosion, keep in mind there are other steel components on the shocks that are still susceptible to corrosion and rust. These shocks are also at the top of the food chain, so if you are looking for a budget friendly set of shocks for your vehicle, this may not be the best option for you.

Customer #2, Factory Race Series Shocks
Proven to be strong and durable, these shocks have been around for a very long time. They work great and parts are readily available. These shocks can come with or without DSC adjusters so price point also will vary depending on your needs. For the ultimate affordable package, you could pair some 2.5 Factory Race Series coilovers in front, with some 2.0 Performance Series rear shocks.

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Examples of Performance Elite Series Shocks available for purchase:

  • 18+ Jeep Wrangler JL / JT Front, 2.5 FOX Shocks, R/R, DSC, 3.5-4″ Lift



  • FOX Kit: 21-ON Ford Bronco, Front Coilover, 2.5 Performance Elite Series, 4″, Sasquatch 3″, DSC



  • Fox Shock Kit: 05-23 Toyota Tacoma, Front 2.5 Performance Elite Series Coilovers, 1-3″ Lift, DSC

    From: $2,299.95


  • Fox Shock Kit: 05-23 Toyota Tacoma Rear, 2.5 Performance Elite Series, 2-3″ Lift, DSC