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Icon Expansion Leaf Packs From AccuTune Off-Road

At AccuTune Off-Road we can help you select the right products for your vehicle so you can get the best performance for your money. These Icon add a leaf mini spring packs are well matched with our custom tuned shocks for the ultimate ride quality.

Mini Pack, Big Gains

By replacing the overload springs with this 3 leaf progressive rate pack you'll gain 1.5" of lift and a smoother ride. The overload springs are known for causing ride quality issues due to their aggressive design. By pairing these with custom AccuTune valved shocks you'll gain performance on and off-road.



    1 review for Icon, 1.5″ Lift Leaf Spring Mini Pack, 96-23 Tacoma, 00-06 Tundra

    1. JoeDave

      Wow, I can’t believe the difference these made! So much smoother a ride all around. Wish I’d have don’t these much sooner. Very easy install too, about two hours total.

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