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Product Features

AccuTune Off-Road Premium Support

At AccuTune Off-Road we are shock specialists with real world experience to help you select the right shocks for your ride. After the sale we offer tuning support and one free re-valve so you can get the most out of your shocks. Take your ride to the next level with Fox shocks from AccuTune Off-Road.

Fox 2.5 Remote Reservoir Size Advantage For Real Performance

Fox 2.5 shocks take performance to the next level. 2.5" shocks are better able to handle the large motion ratios, heavy weight, and serious off-roading by having more dampening capability and a larger oil volume to disipate the heat. In addition to being a large diameter, these shocks feature an external reservoir which contains more oil and nitrogen for superior off-road performance and durability.



  • Product Brand: Fox
  • Product Size: 2.5 COIL-OVER SHOCKS
  • Product Extended Length: 22.38
  • Product Collapsed Length: 17.09
  • Product Travel: 5.29
  • Product Spring Rate: 3.0" x 14" x 600LB
  • Product Top Mount: TM
  • Product Bottom Mount: EYELET
  • Product Color: ZINC
  • Product Sold As: SET
  • Product Reservoir Style: EXTERNAL
  • Product Application 1: Toyota, 4Runner, 2017-2010, Front, 0-3" Lift
  • Product Application 2: Toyota, Prado 150, 2014-2010, Front, 0-3" Lift
  • Product Application 3: Toyota, Prado 120, 2009-2003, Front, 0-3" Lift
  • Product Application 4: Toyota, 4Runner, 2009-2003, Front, 0-3" Lift
  • Product Application 5: Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2009-2007, Front, 0-3" Lift
  • Product Application 6: Toyota, FJ Cruiser, 2014-2010, Front, 0-3" Lift