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AccuTune Experience

With 10+ years of shock engineering experience we have spent a lot of time on the durability test dyno and understand what delivers a durable and high performing shock and what does not. If you want to restore your shocks to original performance, look no further than AccuTune Off-Road for your rebuild. We use techniques and processes that many re-builders are not aware of because they have never done back to back durability testing to see the direct impact of their actions.

Cylinder Honing

It is common for high wear shocks to have damaged sealing surfaces, especially where the internal floating piston rides. As oil breaks down and dirt gets in, abrasion from the IFP and its wear band create grooves inside the shock body. By re-honing the body we remove these grooves, providing a factory fresh sealing surface.

Low Friction Grease

Grease is very important for shock performance and durability, it provides critical lubrication during the break in period as well as long term durability for the IFP. Many rebuilders (and some manufacturers) use generic grease, or none at all. Nearly two years of testing went into the selection of our grease.

Care & Inspection

The condition of sealing surfaces is critical for long term durability. We use appropriate tools and techniques to ensure we don't damage sealing surfaces. After disassembly we carefully clean and inspect all sealing surfaces to identify, repair or replace damaged parts.