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AccuTune Offroad Bump Stop

AccuTune Offroad designed this bump stop to work along with our custom tuned Fox or King shocks. Foam construction is soft and allows for precise bottom out control.

Bump Stop Cups

What makes the AccuTune Offroad U-Bolt Flip Kit unique has a lot do with the different height bump stop cups available. Each height is designed to fit a variety of shock lengths and leaf packs. Made from Billet Aluminum, these bump stop cups are durable and will withstand harsh off-road use.


AccuTune Offroad U-Bolt Flip kit includes (4) 8.5" Zinc Plated U-bolts, nuts and washers. These will fit most applications and can be trimmed to fit.


On OEM vehicles we are shooting for zero shaft showing above the rubber shaft bumper (5/8″ thick) on the hardest bottom out. For shocks without a bumper on the shaft (eg, King welded rod end on Tundra Rear) we are shooting for 1″ of shaft showing.

The bump stop is foam and does not go metal to metal, so exact compression depends on several factors:
-How hard you are driving
-Additional weight
-Spring rate
-Shock valving

Foam bump stops can be trimmed shorter depending on application and ride quality needs.

U-Bolt Flip plates can fit a 2 3/8″ leaf spring and 3.25″ diameter axle tube.