Performance Valving: Learn About AccuTune, ProTune and Other Valving Options


AccuTune is the most accurate way to get your shocks setup correctly.  Through decades of shock tuning and engineering we have created a set of equations that calculate the ideal shock valving for your ride.  We evaluate the suspension for harshness across small bumps, and control through the whoops.  Our calculations are backed by hundreds of data points across a wide range of vehicles.  Our AccuTune measurements page explains how simple it is to get the data. Find out what’s possible today.



ProTune is the easiest way to get your shocks setup correctly without any vehicle specific data.  Provide us what data you do have, and we’ll match you up with another vehicle we have tuned.  We have a huge range of vehicles to choose from because of our huge assortment of shock dyno data: all brands and sizes of shocks are the same to us.


Pre-Documented Applications

We have a huge collection of pre-documented applications that make it easy to get high performing pre-tuned shocks.  Simply tell us what’s unique about your vehicle and we’ll customize them for you.


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