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Fox Jeep TJ / LJ / XJ Shocks with Go Fast AccuTune Valving

At AccuTune Off-Road we have tuned these TJ and XJ shocks to tackle a wide variety of terrain by using advanced flutter stack valving found in off-road race trucks. These shocks are extremely smooth over small bumps and float through the whoops with ease. These shocks will make your Jeep fun to drive off-road!

Get The Most Travel From Your Fox TJ / XJ Shocks

It is very common for people to loose a couple inches of travel by purchasing the wrong length Fox 2.0 Jeep shocks. Call us, read our articles, or take some measurements to make sure you get the right length 2.0 Fox Jeep Shocks for your ride. Getting the right length shocks could increase your travel by up to 20%!

Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Performance Advantage

Adding Remote Reservoirs to Fox 2.0 Jeep Performance Series Shocks improves their ride quality, long term durability and heat capacity. Remote reservoirs reduce the operating gas pressure, friction and heat inside the shock by allowing more volume for the nitrogen to expand. Remote Reservoir Fox Shocks from AccuTune Off-Road deliver the best performance.

Aluminum Remote Reservoir Clamps Included

Fox includes billet remote reservoir clamps with all of their 2.0 Remote Reservoir Shocks. The clamps are stylish and keep the remote reservoir out of harms way. These shocks are the complete package!



  • Product Brand: Fox
  • Product Size: 2.0 SHOCK
  • Product Extended Length: 25.3
  • Product Collapsed Length: 15.2
  • Product Travel: 10.1
  • Product Top Mount: SM3
  • Product Bottom Mount: BP1
  • Product Color: ALUMINUM
  • Product Sold As: EACH
  • Product Reservoir Style: EXTERNAL
  • Product Note: Includes Aluminum Reservoir Clamp
  • Product Application 1: Jeep, Grand Cherokee ZJ, 1998-1993, Front, 2-3.5" Lift
  • Product Application 2: Jeep, Grand Cherokee WJ, 2004-1999, Front, 2-3.5" Lift
  • Product Application 3: Jeep, Comanche MJ, 1992-1986, Front, 2-3.5" Lift
  • Product Application 4: Jeep, Wrangler TJ / LJ, 2006-1997, Front, 3-4.5" Lift
  • Product Application 5: Jeep, Cherokee XJ, 2001-1984, Front, 2-3.5" Lift