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FOX ATS No Pull Steering Stabalizer Technology For Ram 2500/3500

By utilizing a through through body design the Fox ATS Steering Stabalizer does the work of two oposing stabalizers to prevent unwanted steering forces in both directions and does not cause the vehicle to pull to one side like a single steering stabalizer can.

Fox Adjustable Through Rod Steering Damper For Ram 2500/3500

The Fox JK ATS Steering Stabalizer features a through rod adjuster for 24 clicks of adjustment which allows you to dial in the perfect amount of steering feel for your ride and your preferences.

Fox ATS Relocation Brackets For Dodge Ram 2500 & 3500

The Fox ATS Steering Stabalizer includes new mounts for the Jeep JK which allows you to mount the steering stabalizer up and out of harms way for serious off-roading. Kit includes a 1-5/8" tie rod mounting clamp.

Fox ATS JK Remote Reservoir Steering Stabalizer

The Fox ATS Steering Stabalizer features a remote reservoir design which contains extra fluid and allows for a high pressure gas charge. The extra fluid and cooling is great for extreme use and the high pressure assures the damper is always working to prevent even the smallest movements.



  • Product Brand: Fox
  • Product Size: 2.0 STABILIZER SHOCK
  • Product Extended Length: 22.15
  • Product Collapsed Length: 14.06
  • Product Travel: 8.1
  • Product Top Mount: EYELET
  • Product Bottom Mount: EYELET
  • Product Color: ALUMINUM
  • Product Sold As: EACH
  • Product Reservoir Style: EXTERNAL
  • Product Note: Adjustable Through Shaft Stabilizer
  • Product Application 1: Dodge, Ram 3500, Stabilizer
  • Product Application 2: Dodge, Ram 2500, Stabilizer