Fox Air Bump stops provide premium bottoming control through damping and air spring forces.  Both control methods can be tuned on Fox Air Bumps to provide the ultimate balance between control and harshness.  Fox 2.0 Air Bumps are a great choice for most vehicles and are available in a wide range of lengths.  Fox 2.5 Air Bumps are a great choice for racers and heavy vehicles.  2.5 Fox Air Bumps are available in two mounting configurations, pinch bolt and threaded stud.  Check out our Guide To Suspension Design For Going Fast in Comfort to learn more about Fox Air Bump selection and setup.  Take control of your bottoming with Fox Air Bumps from AccuTune Off-Road.

  Fox Air Bump Stops

Fox Racing Shocks Air Bumps Jump

Fox Air Bump Stops deliver tune-able bottoming control so you can push your ride to the limits without harsh bottoming.  Fox Air Bump Stops are available in a variety of lengths to match your suspension travel and type of off-roading.  If you’re not sure what size Fox Air Bump Stops are right for you give us a call and we can provide a recommendation.  Fox Air Bump Stops feature tuneable nitrogen pressure, compression valving, and rebound valving.  It is common to tune the pressure in Fox Air Bump Stops in order to deliver the right amount of bottoming control without harshness.  At AccuTune Off-Road we can help you select the right Fox Air Bump Stops and the correct initial pressure.