At AccuTune Off-Road Fox Air Shocks come pre-tuned to match your ride.  Compared to standard Fox Air Shock valving, our tuning increases stability in the rocks and can be tuned to increase high speed performance if desired.  In addition to our performance advantage, Fox Air Shocks also include valve disk swapping so you can fine tune their performance without investing a fortune on valve disks.  Get more travel, better performance and increased stability with pre-tuned Fox Air Shocks from AccuTune Off-Road.

  Fox Air Shocks

Fox Racing Shox Air Shocks

Fox Racing Shox Air Shocks provide unbelievable amounts of travel in a compact package.  Fox Air Shocks include a negative spring inside which helps reduce unloading at full droop.  Every Fox Air shock from AccuTune Off-Road comes with our own valving designed to increase control over bumps and prevent harsh bottoming delivered by the standard valving.  Fox Air Shocks from AccuTune Off-Road are well known for their performance and unbeatable value.