When shopping around for custom length shocks, often times you will find yourself comparing different models and wondering which set is the best option for you. Well, one of the more common comparisons we get asked about is a Fox 2.0 Performance Series Remote Reservoir Smooth Body Shock compared to a Fox 2.0 Factory Race Series Remote Reservoir Smoothie Shock. Why would you want one over the other? Is the extra cost worth it? Which shock will ride smoother? Let’s take a closer look at some universal fit 2.0 x 12” travel shocks from Fox.

Fox Factory Series Shocks are available in a few different configurations, however we are going to focus on the traditional and most common version which come with bearings in the eyelets.

  • Fox 2.0 Smoothie Shock, 5/8″ Shaft, Remote Reservoir, 12″ Travel

    From: $304.95


  • Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Performance Series Smoothie Shock

    Fox 2.0 x 12″ Performance Series, Remote Reservoir

    From: $309.95


Shock Bodies:
The Fox 2.0 Performance Series has a one-piece aluminum shock body that offers better corrosion resistance and dissipates heat much better than a steel body shock. The aluminum shock body has a thicker wall than the Factory Series, however the internal diameter is still the same. The Fox 2.0 Factory Race Series shock has a traditional steel shock body with zinc plating and clear powdercoat.

Top Cap
The Performance Series shock is a one piece billet body that includes the top eyelet shock mount. The Factory Series shocks have a top cap that is replaceable.


Shock Mounting 
2.0 Factory Race Series universal fit smoothie shocks come with a ½” ID bearing and spacers that fit a ½” bolt and are 1.25” wide. 1.50” wide mounts can be purchased separately. Fox 2.0 Performance Series smoothie shocks have a variety of different mounting types to fit OEM vehicles. They are available with various size urethane bushings & sleeves, bar pins and stem mounts. Fox 2.0 Performance Series shocks for universal fit applications come with a 1/2″ ID sleeve that is 1.50″ wide.


Remote Reservoir and Hose 
Both Fox Performance Series and Factory Series Shocks have aluminum reservoirs with hard anodize coating, but are sometimes different colors. Both shocks use the same braided hose and fittings. Factory Series Smoothie Shocks have an aluminum IFP where the Performance Series has a plastic IFP. The aluminum IFP is suitable for high temperatures and racing applications. The plastic IFP is less expensive and more suitable for high volume manufacturing.
Reservoir Mounting
Performance Series Remote Reservoir shocks will come with an aluminum clamp to mount the reservoir to the shock body. The Factory Series Shocks will come with mounting blocks and hose clamps. The rubber mounting blocks are design to be mounted on a shock hoop or some kind of tubing. AccuTune Universal reservoir mounts can be purchased separately if desired. 

A high flow piston [LEFT] can be found in the Fox 2.0 Performance Series shock. This piston allows for more oil flow which provides a smoother ride. The same type of shims are used with both pistons and are customizable from AccuTune Offroad. The Fox Factory Race Series 2.0 Shock Piston [RIGHT] does not flow as much oil, which results in a stiffer ride and is better suited aggressive high speed off-road applications.

High Flow Piston: FOX-222-26-001
Mid/Low Speed Piston: FOX-222-07-001


[LEFT] Fox 2.0 Performance Series piston rod with piston and valving. [RIGHT] Factory Series piston rod with piston and valving.


Shock Shafts
The performance series shocks only come in a 5/8″ shaft option, where the Factory Series can come with 5/8″ or 7/8″. Both 5/8″ shafts are the same material, 1045 heat treated. The 7/8″ shaft is 17-4 stainless steel, which is a lot stronger and a lot more expensive. The 7/8″ shaft also comes with Viton rod seals.



Rebuild / Seal Kits
[LEFT] FOX-803-23-705 Seal Kit for a Fox 2.0 Performance Series Remote Reservoir Shock
[RIGHT] FOX-803-00-255-A Seal Kit for a Fox 2.0 Factory Race Series Remote Reservoir Shock, 5/8 shaft


Summary about the two:
Both the Performance Series and Factory Race Series shocks are good options when searching for a specific length shock for your custom 4×4 project. Fox Factory Series shocks are designed for an active off-road enthusiast or race application. These shocks are built to be serviced, tuned and withstand constant off-road use. Fox Performance Series shock is a great choice for most vehicles that will be driven daily and want a smooth ride. The aluminum shock body will withstand corrosion for certain areas that see a lot of salt or harsh winters and their rubber bushings will last a lot longer than a bearing. Both types of shocks can easily last a lifetime if properly serviced and cared for. Service intervals for any shock will vary depending on use and total mileage. Best of all, both of these remote reservoir shocks can be purchased from AccuTune Offroad custom tuned specifically for your vehicle. Out of the box these shocks work well, and when you fine tune the valving for your vehicles weight and driving style, its make a huge improvement all around.

If you have questions about getting a set of these shocks for your vehicle, feel free to contact our Sales Team 424-377-0808 or Sales@accutuneoffroad.com

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