Pre-Tuned Shocks and Springs

High performance shocks right out of the box

Shocks For Every Application

At AccuTune Off-Road we specialize in off-road suspension and carry a huge selections of Fox, King and Sway-A-Way shocks in order to offer the perfect shock for your vehicle, your type of off-roading and your driving style.  Whether you are looking for long travel Coilovers and Bypasses for your race truck, Smoothie Shocks for your Jeep, Air Shocks for your buggy or Air Bump Stops for your weekend toy, we have a shock to suite your needs.

Pre-Tune Shocks For You and Your Ride

At AccuTune Off-Road every shock comes pre-tuned using engineering equations which have been backed up by years of real world shock tuning and dyno testing.  We use engineering equations because every vehicle is different, every terrain is different and every driver is different.  Our equations allow us to tailor the shocks to you, and your ride.  To learn more about our process read How AccuTune Valving Calculations Work or read our article How To Perform AccuTune Measurements.  We have tons of data in our library and can tune your shocks even without the measurements. No matter what you drive and where you off-road, AccuTune Off-Road has pre-tune off-road shocks for you, give us a call today.

Custom Spring Rates

Proper spring rates are critical for getting your suspension to perform at its best.  Each set of coilovers receives a five point check to make sure your springs will provide the comfort, handling and performance you expect.  As an added bonus we offer free spring swapping to ensure you end up with the perfect preload, and dual rate spring performance.

After Sale Support

We’re here to help you dial in the performance you need

Valve Disk Swapping

Don’t spend a fortune building an inventory of valve disks.  Simply order the disks you need and return the old ones when you’re done with them.  See our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Spring Swapping

Achieving proper spring preload is the first step in getting your suspension setup correctly, so we offer spring swapping to ensure you start out on the right foot.  Simply return your original springs in new condition and order the right ones.  See our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Expert Advice

Our Goal is to help you drive like a pro.  We do this by setting you up with an excellent baseline tune, then helping you dial in the final performance to match your preferences. By sharing our 15+ years of experience, AccuTune Off-Road doesn’t simply take orders, we help you build custom suspension that lets you drive like a pro.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you experience the performance and satisfaction that high quality racing suspension can provide by sharing our engineering and tuning experience with you.

  • Off-Road Enthusiasts

    AccuTune Off-Road was founded by an avid off-road enthusiast and an accomplished suspension engineer who wants to help fellow enthusiasts driver faster, and enjoy their vehicle more by getting the most out of their suspension.

  • Experienced at Tuning

    Since 2001 we have tuned a wide range of vehicles from OEM trucks at factory proving grounds to prerunners, to jeeps and single seat buggies. We can help you get the most out of your suspension, no matter what type of vehicle you have.

  • Accomplished at Engineering

    In the lab, we have combined our tuning and engineering experience to advance the industry.  Our accomplishments include the development frequency sensitive shock absorber technology and the creation of the equations behind AccuTune.  We use engineering to delivery performance you can feel.

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