If you’re looking for the best riding suspension for your 2005 or newer Toyota Tacoma, AccuTune Off-Road has you covered! We have several stage kits to choose from that come complete with products we have tested and trust. These kits are truly complete and you should not need anything else to install this on your stock Toyota Tacoma and go explore the great outdoors.

Kits are categorized as Stage 1 through Stage 5. The stages increase with parts, price and performance. Some stage kits are titled with an “A” at the end, which refers to the compression adjusters on the shocks in that kit. Compression adjusters are great for those looking to fine tune their shocks manually to compensate for added weight or terrain choice. Our stage kits are also built with either King or Fox shocks.

Stage 1 Suspension Kit
for Tacomas is a great entry level choice with quality components. This kit includes everything needed to lift your Tacoma and provide a smoother ride on or off-road. Up front, the Fox 2.5 IFP coilover shocks are built to handle off-road driving and better street performance. For the rear of the truck we provide a set of custom valved Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks with an Icon Mini Pack add-a-leaf.
GOOD: Quality parts, affordable, rear shocks are tuned
BAD: IFP Coilovers do not get tuned, and we do not offer rebuilds on them. [TECH] IFP vs Remote Reservoir Shocks

Stage 2 Suspension Kits
When ride quality is important for mostly street driving with the occasional off-road trip, the AccuTune Offroad Stage 2 kits are a great option. The main difference between Stage 1 and 2 is the front coilovers being a remote reservoir style, which will come tuned for your truck. The 2.5 remote reservoir coilover shocks are custom tuned to work in conjunction with rear 2.0 remote reservoir shocks. With both front & rear shocks tuned, you will get more bottoming out resistance, less brake dive, and better handling than off the shelf shocks.
GOOD: Front and rear shocks come tuned, DSC and LSC adjuster options.
BAD: A little more expensive than stage 1 kits (but great value).
Stage 3 Suspension Kits If you want a great mid travel suspension system for your Tacoma look no further than the AccuTune Stage 3 kits. These kits are very popular for off-road enthusiasts looking to upgrade their truck with a few accessories and go off-roading more frequently. These kits include upgraded 2.5 diameter rear shocks paired with Icon Mini Pack to provide better performance on Tacomas which see a lot of washboard, or are just driven hard. Stage 3 kits can be purchased with Fox or King shocks that will be custom tuned to fit your needs.
GOOD: Fox & King options, 2.5 Rear shocks, Compression Adjusters
BAD: Add a leaf, if you find yourself wanting to add bumpers or rooftop tent, scroll down to Stage 4 kits.
Stage 4 Suspension Kits Stage 4 Tacoma kits are our most popular mid travel suspension system we offer. These kits come with a full Icon RXT leaf pack replacement instead of an add-a-leaf like Stages 1-3 have. The Icon RXT leaf pack has 3 stages that can be customized for lift height and weight. With 2.5 shocks front and rear, these kits are capable of tackling the roughest terrain. For a serious off-road enthusiast looking to add a lot of accessories and still drive on the street, the Stage 4 Kits are the way to go.
GOOD: Shock & spring package can handle a lot of weight and off-road driving.
BAD: Nothing. Definitely worth saving up for! For more extreme off-road driving, check out the stage 5 kits.
Stage 5 Suspension Kits If you’re looking for the most suspension travel on your Tacoma without going to a long travel kit, the Stage 5 kit is for you. These kits come with everything the Stage 4 kit has, but with a weld on rear shock relocation bracket and hammer hangers to let the custom length rear shocks travel 2.5″ to 4.5” more than Stage 1-4. This is the ultimate kit for hardcore off-road enthusiasts. With custom valved 2.5 shocks front and rear, these kits are capable of handling big rocks and big whoops. For the ultimate Mid travel Suspension system for your Toyota Tacoma, the Stage 5 Kit from AccuTune Off-road is the best.
GOOD: More shock travel in the rear, will do great off-road.
BAD: Cost and requires cutting and welding. If you are not interested in cutting or welding, stage 4 kit may be a better option for you.
Custom Kit If you’re looking for a different Upper Control Arm or leaf pack, this page will allow you to build your own custom stage kit. Pick and choose the best option for your truck and we will tune it to work together.

Compression Adjusters | The kits with an “A” at the end means they come with shocks that have compression adjusters. This means the front and rear shocks can be manually adjusted to compensate for added weight or more aggressive driving. Shocks with compression adjusters are a great option for those who load up with gear for an off-road trip, or like to stiffen up the compression valving for more bottom out control. Fox 2.0 adjusters work on Low Speed compression which changes handling, g-out performance, and bounciness. Fox 2.5 adjusters have the largest adjustment range and have separate adjustments for low and high speed compression [read more here]. King 2.5 adjusters tune mid speed compression which impacts high speed compression mostly when fully open and low speed compression mostly when fully closed. GOOD: More options to fine tune ride quality for various terrain and added weight or towing. BAD: May not be something you will ever want to adjust or mess with. Adding them later on is very expensive.

Fox vs King, which one should you get? [click to learn more]

Shock Tuning Options 


Adventure Tune – This tune will soak up everything on-road and off-road. Perfect for blasting fire roads in comfort or hitting those nasty potholes on your commute. It is soft and compliant on small bumps and our flutter stack valving progressively stiffens up on the bigger bumps to prevent bottoming out. This tune is ideal for those who plan on putting a lot of miles on their vehicle.

Dual Sport Tune – This tune provides a lot more off-road capability and more on-road stability (compared to the Adventure Tune) at the expense of comfort. The additional stiffness on small and large bumps makes it great for hitting rain ruts, bigger g-outs and whoops without bottoming out hard. Larger tires (37”+) can help smooth out the on-road ride, which is noticeably stiffer than the Adventure Tune, but still acceptable for enthusiasts. The Dual Sport Tune is ideal for vehicles with taller lifts, and bigger tires that still gets driven to the trail.

Trail Tune – This tune is all about off-road performance. The valving is designed to take big hits, and run large whoops without bottoming out easily. This is a great tune for a highly modified vehicle looking to go fast through whoops, g-outs or bumping up big ledges and rock crawling (low psi). We would recommend the Trail Tune for someone with a dedicated off-road vehicle that is ok with a rougher ride on the street.