Fox Smoothie are a great way to improve the comfort, performance and capability of your off-road vehicle. Fox Smoothie Shocks are off-road race quality shocks that can substantially improve your ride and handling.  Emulsion Fox 2.0 Smoothie Shocks provide better function and appearance than twin tubes and sealed monotubes through their internally adjustable damping.  Remote Reservoir Fox 2.0 Smoothie Shocks add substantial ride quality benefits and heat dissipation due to the large reservoir and stainless steel braided reservoir hose.  Fox 2.5 Smoothie Shocks are available in the Performance Series for weekend warriors or Factory Series for hardcore off-roaders and racers.  Step up to Fox 3.0 Smoothie Shocks for full size trucks and off-road racing applications. No matter what you’re building Fox Smoothie Shocks from AccuTune Off-Road deliver excellent performance and durability.

Fox 2.0 Universal Fit Shocks- Stem Top

Fox 2.0 Universal Fit Shocks- Bushing

Fox 2.0 Smoothie Shocks – 5/8″ Shaft, Zinc Plated

Fox 2.0 Smoothie Shocks – 7/8″ Shaft

Fox 2.5 Smoothie Shocks – Factory & Performance Series

Fox 3.0 Smoothie Shocks