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Pre-Tuned Sway-A-Way Coilovers

Experience unbelievable performance and service with Pre-Tuned Sway-A-Way Coilovers from AccuTune Off-Road. Every Sway-A-Way Coilover shock is custom tuned for your ride. We have a huge range of Jeeps, Toyotas, PreRunners, Rockcrawlers, Rockbouncers and Sand Rails already tuned. Call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

High Flow Race Pistons

Sway-A-Way pistons have been developed over years of racing and R&D testing. Their designs feature big inlets and a high flow area resulting in a nice linear response. These pistons deliver the performance and comfort you need to conquer any obstacle from the famous Rubicon granite, to boulders of Johnson Valley to the sands of Baja.

Highly Durable Nitro Steel Piston Rod

Nitro steel delivers extreme durability in the face of roost and flying debris by utilizing a special chemical conversion process. The nitriding process is performed on the base material and leaves a hard, smooth, corrosion resistant outer surface. Because the rods are one material the outer coating can?t peel off. Nitro steel is standard on all 7/8? diameter shafts.

Baja Blood Shock Oil

Premium Fully synthetic shock oil delivers quality that impacts every aspect of a shock: friction, fade, durability. By reducing friction Sway-A-Way improves ride quality over small bumps and increases the life of the shock by reducing seal wear. With a high viscosity index, Baja Blood is less prone to fade than conventional oils. Baja blood oil will get you to the front of the pack and keep you there.


AccuTune Support

Body Size2.02.53.0
Shaft Diameter7/8”7/8”1.0”
Valve Disk SwappingYesYesNo
Spring SwappingYesYesNo
Baseline TuningProTuneAccuTune & ProTuneProTune

Eye to Eye Lengths: Extended/Collapsed (Inches)

Body Size2.02.53.0
Shaft Diameter7/8”7/8”1.0”
6” Travel18.90/12.3718.90/12.37
8” Travel22.90/14.3722.90/14.3726.00/18.00
10” Travel26.90/16.3726.90/16.3730.00/20.00
12” Travel31.57/19.0531.57/19.0534.00/22.00
14” Travel35.57/21.0535.57/21.0538.75/24.75
16” Travel40.57/24.0540.57/24.0543.50/27.50
18” Travel44.57/26.0544.57/26.0548.25/30.25

Detailed Specifications

Body Size2.02.53.0
Shaft Diameter7/8”7/8”1.0”
Piston Type6061-T6 AluminumHigh Flow Aluminum RaceHigh Damping Aluminum Race
Piston Bleed Holes2 x .098”, 4-40 threaded3 x .098”, 4-40 threadedTBD
Piston Rod Threads9/16-209/16-205/8-18
Reservoir TypeEmulsion, RemoteEmulsion, RemoteRemote
Reservoir MaterialSteelSteelSteel
Reservoir HoseTBDTBDTBD
Reservoir FittingsO-Ring Seal, Crimped, StraightO-Ring Seal, Crimped, StraightO-Ring Seal, Crimped, Straight
Seal TypeO-Ring Main Seal, U-Cup Backer, ScraperO-Ring Main Seal, U-Cup Backer, ScraperO-Ring Main Seal, U-Cup Backer, Scraper
Seal MaterialTBDTBDTBD
Shaft MaterialNitro-100 SteelNitro-100 SteelAlloy Steel
Shaft FinishNitride Conversion CoatingNitride Conversion CoatingHard Chrome
Shaft Strength100 KSI Min100 KSI Min100 KSI Min
Bearing SizeCOM-10T (5/8”)COM-10T (5/8”)COM-12T (3/4”)
Bearing Spacers304 Stainless Steel Sleeves304 Stainless Steel Sleeves304 Stainless Steel Sleeves
Rod End (Length)TBDTBDTBD
Mounting Width1.25”1.25”1.50”
Mounting Bolt1/2”1/2”1/2”
OilBaja Blood SyntheticBaja Blood SyntheticBaja Blood Synthetic
User RebuildableYesYesYes
User TuneableYesYesYes

Reservoir: Diameter x Length (Inches)


Rebuild & Revalve Specifications & Instructions

Sway A Way Oil Level 2.0 & 2.5 Shocks

Sway A Way Oil Level 3.0 4.0 & 5.0 Shocks

SAW 2.0 Emulsion Rebuild

SAW 2.5 Remote Rebuild


    2 reviews for Sway-A-Way Coilover Shocks

    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Scott Windsor

      Ryan and Accutune have helped dial in the details on my Sway-A-Ways. I’m running 14in stroke, 2.5in diameter coil-overs on all 4 corners of my Truggy. He knows these shocks inside and out and helped me go through the process of valving and testing to find the best tune for my set-up. Not only in the field was he extremely knowledgeable and helpful, but he assisted me later by giving advice on steps to reach complete satisfaction with my set-up in the future. He can do more than just valve!

      For future builds and friends of mine, I’d recommend giving Accutune a call to get your shocks as close to perfect out-of-the-box as you’re going to get.

    2. Rated 5 out of 5

      Jim Feehan

      I have to say I never thought my 9,000lb truck could ever ride and handle so well. I’m running a 2001 Dodge Ram, Cummins diesel. Ryan set me up with a set of 2.5? remote reservoirs on all four corners. I’m running the shocks only without the coilover springs with custom lift springs in the stock configuration.

      I talked to a couple of the “other guys” (Dodge “specialists”) first and I wasn’t convinced they were listening to what I wanted from my truck.

      Ryan gathered my data, listened to my needs and BAM! Spot on out of the box! I’m getting good dampening on big ruts and dips and am driving washboard roads at 60+ mph with no drama that I was stuck driving at 50mph or less before. Awesome highway and mountain twisties ride too, with no sway bars.

      I have more projects in the wings. I’ll be back.

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