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Product Features

AccuTune Off-Road Advantage

When purchasing from AccuTune Offroad, you can expect to get the highest quality parts on the market. Each kit includes high quality shocks, custom tuned shocks for your specific vehicle. AccuTune custom valves these shocks based on your vehicles weight, suspension setup and preferred terrain. Years of experience and formulas have been developed to provide you with the ultimate performance you deserve.

Fox 2.5 Shocks with 14" Travel

For a rear long travel suspension, a 2.5 diameter shock is a great option. Larger diameter shock will help with dampening and heat dissipation while the 14 inches of travel provides plenty of travel for high speed desert driving. Combine AccuTune custom valving and a quality shock like Fox, you have a perfect match for the ultimate performance.

Spring Over Axle with Deaver J66 Springs

Spring over axle provides a simple solution to a rear long travel kit. The Deaver J66 spring has proven to be a great spring to use for a variety of driving applications. Custom tuned shock with Deaver J66 spring will provide great handling both on and offroad.

Long Travel Shock Mounts & Shackles

Archive Garage shock relocation bracket is perfect for fitting a 14" travel shock on the rear of a Tacoma, while keeping the shocks under the bed. Archive Garage Hammer Hangers and shackles are used to allow the suspension to cycle a full 14 inches of travel.


Kit Includes:
(2) Fox 2.5 x 14″ Remote Reservoir Shocks FOX-980-02-103-SRT
(1) Universal Remote Reservoir Mount Kit FOX-803-02-042-KIT
(2) Fox 2.0 x 2.0 Air Bump Stop FOX-983-02-091
(1) Total Chaos Bolt On 2.0″ Rear Bump Stop Kit TTC-48623F
(1) Crown Performance +4″ Brake Line Kit CPP-TOYO33R04-BLK
(1) Archive Garage Shock Relocation Tower Kit ARG-SRM-003-SB
(1) AccuTune Offroad U-Bolt Flip Kit AOR-2000-0024-000
(1) Archive Garage Hammer Hangers, with 3.6″ Shackles  ARG-HH-020V3-49
(1) Archive Garage High Clearance Cross Tube for Hammer Hangers  ARG-HH-CT
(1) Deaver J-66 Leaf Pack Kit with Bushings DEV-J66-3 & DEV-BKIT-J66