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Suspension Engineering Experience

The AccuTune Off-Road Jeep JL Coilover Kit was developed using our 15+ years of suspension engineering and shock tuning experience. The basic fundamentals of suspension setup are Center of Gravity Height, Suspension Geometry, and Shock Setup. Each of these three items multiply by each other and when they're all perfect, the performance is unbelievable! With that said, having a problem with any one of them can ruin the whole experience. Our Jeep JL Coilover Kit was designed to deliver the best comfort & performance possible. By keeping the center of gravity low, the suspension geometry will be closer to factory which will ultimately allow everything to cycle smoothly. Our kit is designed to have 5" of up travel and is optimized around the JL chassis. The result is a kit that delivers more comfort, more control (no bucking or bouncing), and greater off-road performance than others.

Low Lift Height

This kit will support lift heights from 2.5" to 4" while retaining 5" of up travel. With aftermarket fenders our JL will clear 40" Tires. By keeping the height low we are able to improve the stability and to improve the JL suspension geometry by reducing link angles.

Amazing Performance With 5 Inches of Up Travel

The AccuTune Off-Road Jeep JL Coilover kit was designed with performance in mind! Our kit will cycle a true 5 of up travel on a 4 lift. The increased up travel over other kits means a smoother ride and less bottoming out.

Bolt on Kit

The AccuTune Off-Road Coilover Kit Brackets were designed to be affordable and extremely easy to install. By using the latest 3D modeling software and OEM 3d files we were able to make a kit that's easy to install and maximizes the suspension performance. The simple, yet strong 3/16" laser cut brackets bolt into the stock shock mount and reinforce it with a gusset to the OEM coil bucket. With the proper tools, this kit can easily be installed in a day.

Custom Tuned Shocks

At AccuTune Off-Road we tune every shock for your EXACT vehicle, your terrain, and your preferences. Each shock is run through our AccuTune Equations and equipped with AccuTune Double Flutter Stacks as necessary. The result is a JL Coilover Kit that delivers the ride you want.


Each coilover shock will be custom tuned to your vehicles weight and driving style using AccuTune Off-Road equations. The coilover shocks offered in these packages are customized with different fittings and reservoir routing specifically to fit the AccuTune Off-Road Coilover Kit for Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon.

Jeep JL Coilover Shock Options:

2.0 FOX Factory Coilover: The 12″ travel Fox 2.0 Coilover Shocks are an affordable option for vehicles wanting the performance of a coilover shock without breaking the bank. The 2.0 Coilover Shock is ideal for a vehicle mostly street driven and taken off-road on the weekends.

2.0 Fox Factory Coilover – DSC: The 12″ travel Fox 2.0 Coilover Shocks with DSC Adjusters allow you to manually dial in the high and low speed compression on the shock. The DSC adjusters are great for a vehicles being loaded down with gear, towing or going from high speed off-roading to slow speed rock crawling. Adjust the dial to be soft on the street, and firm off-road.

2.0 King Coilover: The 12″ travel King 2.0 Coilover Shock is a great option for an off-road enthusiast looking for better ride quality on and off-road. Great quality product with years of experience developing off-road shocks.

2.0 King Coilover – Adjusters: The 12″ travel King 2.0 Coilover Shock with Compression Adjusters are great for dialing in the performance needed for any terrain. Large and easy to turn knob allows you to quickly make changes and hit the dirt.



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