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Shock Tuning Options

Tuning Options

Street Tune - For smooth on-road and off-road use. NO TOWING/Heavy Loads without adjusters on the shocks. This is our most popular tune for those wanting a smooth ride for mainly street, with some off-road. *Soft valving requires OEM heavy duty sway bars or adjustable shocks.

HD Street Tune - For vehicles with taller lifts or carrying heavy loads without adjusters. Moderate off-road use. *Requires light duty sway bars, and 4" or less of lift.

Trail Tune - For vehicles wanting to drive faster off-road or needing better handling. Great for a more dedicated off-road vehicle.

Buggy Tune - Off-road only for aggressive drivers with fast pace wheeling.

Prerunner Tune - Dedicated offroad vehicle. Valved for performance at speed in the desert.

Tuning Options from AccuTune Offroad are based on several factors including the vehicles weight, terrain preference and driving style. The Street Tune, HD Street and Trail Tune provide us with a starting point, and from there we fine tune the valving accordingly. Each shock is custom tuned specific to your vehicle based on the information you provide us. Tuning stages start at Street Tune and go up to Trail Tune. Each step up in stage will stiffen the valving resulting in better handling, better off-road capability, and better bottoming control at the expense of comfort, especially on the street. Bigger tires and lower air pressures can compensate for the stiffer valving.


Stage 4 Shocks Packages: 2.0 Fox IFP Shocks SKU: AOR-3000-0078 -Front Shocks #FOX-985-24-179 -Rear Shocks #FOX-985-24-180




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