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Get The Most Travel From Your Fox JK Lift Shocks

It is very common for people to loose a couple inches of travel by purchasing the wrong length Fox 2.5 Jeep JK shocks. Call us, read our articles, or take some measurements to make sure you get the right length 2.5 Fox JK Shocks for your 2.5" to 4" lift. Getting the right length shocks could increase your travel by up to 20%!

Fox 2.5 Internal Bypass JK Shocks

Fox's internal bypass technology takes shock performance to a whole new level by adding position sensitivity. Position sensitivity makes it possible to have an extremely smooth ride over little bumps, while still handling the big ones with ease. If you want the best, look no further than Fox 2.5 Internal Bypass JK shocks from AccuTune Off-Road.

Fox 2.5 Jeep JK DSC Compression Adjuster

Fox's DSC (Dual Speed Compression) adjuster adds external adjustment of low speed and high speed compression so you can tackle a huge variety of terrain in total comfort. These are a great add on for anyone wanting the ultimate performance, easy tunability, or significantly changes the weight of their vehicle. Get the most out your Fox 2.5" JK Shocks with a DSC Adjuster.

Fox 2.5 Size Advantage For Real JK Performance

Fox 2.5 JK shocks take performance to the next level. 2.5" shocks are better able to handle the JK's weight by having more dampening capability and a larger oil volume to disipate the heat. As an added benefit the rear Fox JK shocks have a bottom mounted reservoir allowing for the ultimate anti-cavitation performance.


  • Product Brand: Fox
  • Product Size: 2.5 BYPASS SHOCKS
  • Product Extended Length: 27.860
  • Product Collapsed Length: 17.120
  • Product Travel: 10.740
  • Product Top Mount: EYELET
  • Product Bottom Mount: EYELET
  • Product Color: ZINC
  • Product Sold As: SET
  • Product Reservoir Style: EXTERNAL
  • Product Application 1: Jeep, Wrangler JK, 2016-2010, Rear, 2.5-4" Lift
  • Product Application 2: Jeep, Wrangler JK, 2009-2007, Rear, 2.5-4" Lift