Stage 1 Suspension Kit
The Toyota 4Runner Stage 1 kit has everything needed to lift your 4Runner and provide a smoother ride on or off-road. Up front, the Fox 2.5 IFP coilover shocks are built to handle offroad driving and heavy spring rates needed for most 4Runners. In the back we provide a set of custom valved 2.0 remote reservoir shocks with a pair of coil springs of your choice. Stage 1 is a great entry level choice with high quality components.

Stages 2 Suspension Kits
Stage 2 suspension kits are an excellent value with the front coilovers coming with a remote reservoir. The 2.5 remote reservoir coilover shocks are custom tuned to work in conjunction with rear 2.0 remote reservoir shocks. With both front & rear shocks tuned, you will get more bottoming out resistance, less brake dive, and better handling than off the shelf shocks. When ride quality is important mostly on road with the occasional off-road trip, the AccuTune Offroad Stage 2 kits are a great option.