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AccuTune Sway Bar Design Assistance

At AccuTune Off-Road we will help you select the proper sway bar, arms and mounting for your ride. Our expert assistance goes the extra mile to ensure you get the best sway bar for your ride.

PAC Racing Tomahawk Steel Sway Bars

PAC Racing Sway Bars use Tomahawk steel which has a 30-40% stronger than 300m for the ultimate in strength and durability. PAC backs up this strength with a 5 year limited warranty. See PAC for terms and conditions.

Powder Coated Sway Bars

PAC Racing powder coats all their sway bars for the best durability. The rusty bar on the right is the result of one year of racing. Rust reduces the lifecycle of the bar by creating stress risers where the bar can begin to fail. For the ultimate in durability get a Powder Coated bar from PAC Racing and AccuTune Off-Road.

PAC Racing 28 Spline Sway Bars

Not everyone needs a monster sway bar, and PAC Racing offers 28 spline bars for lower cost and for lighter rates. At AccuTune Off-Road we will always check your bar for over stress so you can be comfortable knowing your 28 Spline bar will hold up to years of abuse. Add a 28 Spline PAC Racing Sway Bar to your ride to improve the ride and handling today!

PAC Racing 35 Spline Sway Bars

For long travel and high stress applications PAC Racing offers 35 spline bars. Most bars fail at the splined connection and the just to 35 spline is a huge increase in strength and durability. At AccuTune Off-Road we will check to be sure the bar and arms are not over stressed during operation. Step up to 35 spline PAC sway bars for the ultimate in ride, handling and durability.

PAC Racing Sway Bar Dimensions

Both 28 and 35 Spline PAC Racing Sway Bars have a 2" Bushing Length and 1.50" Spline Length. When selecting your length the mounting width is 3" narrowing than the Overall Length of the bar. Contact AccuTune Off-Road for help selecting your PAC Racing sway bar and experience better ride and handling.



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