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AccuTune Off-Road Engineering Assistance

At AccuTune Off-Road we will help you select the correct sway bar arms to match your bar and to give you the ride and handling you're lpoking for. We use engineering equations to check that your bar and arms aren't over stressed.

Double Shear Sway Bar Arms

When strength, durability and budget all matter, PAC Racing 100 Series Arms deliver. The simple double shear design of the 100 series sway bar arms is an elegant way to drastically increase strength without adding a lot of cost. For DIY arms check out the easy double shear add on tab. As always, give us a call if you have questions.

PAC Racing Pre-Drilled Sway Bar Arms

PAC Racing 100 Series Pre-Drilled Sway Bar Arms come ready to assemble and include premium ARP hardware for clamping the splines, as well as the necessary bearings and snap rings. Aluminum Sway Bar Arms are black anodized for a long lasting finish.

PAC Racing DIY Blank Sway Bar Arms

PAC Racing DIY Blank sway bar arms allow for extra flexibility in setting up your sway bar. The arms come scribed on the center-line in order to make drilling easier. By using the PAC-300345 double shear link bracket you can retain the double shear feature without having to drill for uniballs. Give us a call for assistance in selecting your PAC Racing Sway Bar Arms.


Do Not Use 35 Spline Aluminum Arms with bars between 30-35″ in length with an active diameter of 1.250″.

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