King 2.0 Piggy Back Smoothie Shock

King 2.0 Piggy Back Smoothie Shocks come pre-tuned from AccuTune Off-Road.  Every 2.0 King Smoothie Shock is tuned using engineering equations to provide the best performance for your vehicle and your terrain. Piggyback 2.0 King Smoothie Shocks are built using off-road race construction and can be rebuilt and re-tuned so they provide unparalleled levels of performance and last a lifetime.  Adding Piggy Back reservoirs to your King 2.0 Smoothie Shocks increases performance and durability by increasing heat dissipation and lowering the operating pressure.  Experience new levels of ride quality with Pre-Tuned King 2.0 Piggy Back Smoothie Shocks from AccuTune Off-Road.