Fox 2.0 Smoothie Shock Emulsion 58 Shaft

Fox 2.0 Emulsion Smoothie Shocks with 7/8″ Shaft come pre-tuned from AccuTune Off-Road.  Every 2.0 Fox Smoothie Shock is tuned using engineering equations to provide the best performance for your vehicle and your terrain. Emulsion 2.0 Fox Smoothie Shocks are built using off-road race construction and can be rebuilt and re-tuned so they provide unparalleled levels of performance and last a lifetime. The 7/8″ Shaft Fox 2.0 Remote Reservoir Smoothie Shocks have a larger piston rod made out of 17-4 H900 stainless steel, which is significantly stronger and more corrosion resistant than the Fox 5/8″ piston rod.  Experience new levels of ride quality with Pre-Tuned Fox 2.0 Emulsion Smoothie Shocks from AccuTune Off-Road.