Fox 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coilover Factory Series

Fox 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coilovers come pre-tuned from AccuTune Off-Road.  Every 2.5 Fox Coilover is tuned using engineering equations to provide the best performance for your vehicle and your terrain. Remote Reservoir 2.5 Fox Coilovers are a huge improvement over separate shocks and springs because they allow for dual rate springs with better bottoming control, and longer travel. Large diameter 2.5 Fox Remote Reservoir Coilovers provide more damping and heat dissipation than smaller Fox Coilovers which is necessary for going fast off-road.  Adding a Remote Reservoir to your 2.5 Fox Coilovers increase heat dissipation and reduces gas ramp, providing a smoother ride and increasing durability.  Step-up to Pre-Tuned Fox 2.5 Remote Reservoir Coilovers from AccuTune Off-Road.